New Set of Farm Toys

All is well on the farm so far. Lots of rain which has good points and bad. We were fortunate that we didn’t get any flooding of our crops. The rain has actually caused them to flourish. I have seen other farms in the area that have flooded fields. Mostly corn fields. We will definitely be keeping the flood areas in mind when we start expanding our crop area.  The one possible loss we have faced is the potato crop. The hail that fell flattened most of the potato plants. They are still green so far and we are hoping they will recover. We are thinking about how to prevent this next year. Any suggestions are welcome!

The eggs are doing great. We candled them a week ago (held flashight under them in a dark room) to see how they were developing. It looks like 30 of the 36 eggs are developing. We couldn’t really see much in the other 6 but they weren’t smelly so we’ve kept them in the incubator. Only a week to go before we have some keets running around. In honor of our soon to be additions to the family and because I got a bit motivated on one of the rainy days, I made some new toys.








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