Hatching Eggs

What are we getting ourselves into? We have decided an excellent way to rid the new farm of ticks was to get Guinea Fowl. Our hope is they will not only eat the ticks, but they will also help with insect control all around and become a great additon to our organic farm.

I spent two weeks researching and reading everything I could on Guinea Fowl. The next step was to shop around searching for keats (day old guinea fowl). Unfortunately, they are becoming quite popular and sell out quickly. So we came up with the brilliant idea that we would hatch them ourselves. So now, the adventure begins.

We found a reliable seller on Ebay and my dear husband won us the eggs by bidding as he usually does. In the last few seconds of the auction, he bid a penny over the highest amount we were willing to pay . And that was the exact price we paid for the eggs. They arrived yesterday and we let them sit at room temperature for 18 hours, small end down in egg cartons.

Guinea Fowl Eggs

Guinea Fowl Eggs








The eggs are pretty small compared to a chicken egg.

Egg Comparison

Egg Comparison









While the eggs sat on the counter, we made some adjustments to the incubator. Being married to an all around knowledgeable computer guy has its merits. He hooked up an extra computer fan he had in the basement to the still air incubator we bought in order to make it a circulating air incubator.  We also purchased an indoor/outdoor thermometer that also gives a humidity reading. So, with all of the electronic parts working, we added water and addjusted the temperature until we were between 99F and 100F and 45% humidity.











At six thirty this morning, I put all the eggs into the incubator after marking one side with an X (eggs have to be turned 3 to 5 times a day). 

So now, we sit and wait and turn eggs for 28 days.   

 Eggs in Incubator

Eggs in Incubator



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2 responses to “Hatching Eggs

  1. Carie

    I can so hear your voice while i read this, i love it!!!
    Call me when they start 2 hatch.

    how many baby fowl will i be auntie 2? first cat then dog, then the much wanted nefew. now chicks?? what happened 2 the goats?

    • ladybuggarden

      Well, if all goes well, you will have 36 new little family members. Though, we will be sending some out for adoption/sale. And the goats…they are definitely going to happen. But probably not until next year.

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