Horses in Need of a Stable

The horses are finally finished. Tails and all. I think my niece will be very pleased with them. Now I just need to make a stable for them.

The princesses also now have company. I have more figures for the castle theme of toys. Just no castle.
Castle Figures
The paint for the wizard ran a bit so I’m going to make another one and try it again.

And, while I was making figures, I couldn’t stop myself. I added to my list of toys, a forest fairy scene. I think my younger nieces are going to love this one!
Woodland Scene Unfinished
Woodland Scene Finished
Fairies Up Close

and a nativity scene, well a start on a nativity scene.
Nativity Scene Unfinished

Christmas ornaments will be next…

So the new list of toys to make:
So the new list:
1. Horses (done)
2. Stable
2. Puppet theater
3. Castle figures (done)
4. Castle
5. Rattle
6. Nativity scene
7. Christmas ornaments


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