More Toys

So, I think I’ve come up with an idea for the horses tails. I am going to use cotton embroidery thread. While I was pondering the way to finish the horses, I kept myself busy by cutting out some more toys.
Small Cars
Farm Animals

I also cut out a knight, king, queen and jester to go with the castle theme. I haven’t stained/painted them yet but I’m working on it and I’m still working on a stable/barn. I also want to make a rattle for Andrew and Cameron this year for Christmas. So the new list:
1. Horse (almost done) and stable
2. Puppet theater
3. Castle set (figures yes…castle not yet)
4. Rattle

This list of toys to make is neverending. But oh so addictingly fun!

Anyone with toy ideas or requests? If your idea for a toy works out, I owe you cookies or apple pie. And both are yummy!


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