A Horse is A Horse, Of Course

Finally, I am getting started on making toys. My project for the day was to start making the horses and stable for my niece for Christmas. She loves horses and when she found out I was making toys, she told me that she wanted a stable with some horses and a finger puppet theater. Wow. What a request!

So, today, I cut out the horses and sanded them.
Now I have to figure out how to make the tails.

Anyone with a great idea on how to make the tail for the horses? If you’ve got one let me know and if I use it, I will bake you some healthy chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I know, this is possibly an oxymoron, but I use whole wheat flower, organic sugars, and of course all natural chocolate chips maybe organic if I can find some.
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Since I was stuck on the horse, I decided to paint the princesses that I cut out yesterday. They came out pretty good, so I listed them on Etsy today. Small Town Toys

Princess and Knight 1
Princess and Knight 2
They looked so nice, I decided to try to do a Castle theme of toys. I think it will make a great toy set for boys and girls. So, my new list of toys to make:
1. Horse and stable
2. Puppet theater
3. Castle set

I am definitely going to be working hard for the rest of the year.


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